Monday, October 25, 2010

on the easel layouts

i FINALLY got a chance to break into my october kit this weekend.  i am loving it & so, so glad i got all 4 add ons.  (psssst... they still have the main + 2 of the add ons still available.)  i am still on the fence about whether i love all of the layouts i made, but that's for another time.  lol.  
i love this layout.  the goofy pictures of my kids are so "him."  and, i think i love this one also because i LOVE that wood pp from october afternoon.  yum!  (i'm still loving that addy alphabet set too.  definitely worth picking up, if you haven't already.)

this would be one i am on the fence one.  i love all the clustered stufff.... maybe i just don't love the pic of me. (it is pretty goofy looking...)

(hmmm.... pic looks a little fuzzy.  sorry!)

and, last, but not least... a super simple one of my little guy at easter.  this picture cracks me up.  one - he makes the goofiest of faces.  two- this goofy face totally makes me think of brick on the middle.  (if you don't watch that show, you should!  HILARIOUS!)

Monday, October 18, 2010


the race was amazing...  the views of the city were  the energy and atmosphere were indescribable.  the hills and rain and cold weather were a bear.  would i do it again?  in a heartbeat... (well...maybe once my legs aren't sore from all the hills.)  will post more once i've downloaded the pics from the professional website.  :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

this is it!

Body Glide: check.
ipod: check.
Spiffy Coordinating Running Outfit So i look like i know what in the frick frack I am doing: check.
Hotel Confirmations, Race Entry Confirmations, Dinner Reservations Printed: check.

now, we are just waiting for our fantabulous friend who is coming to stay the night with the brood, and we will be headed down to to San Fransisco for the Nike Women's.  Eeek!  Nervous? Yes.  Excited? Yes.  can't believe i was insane enough to sign up for this!  whew!  wish me luck!

oh.  crap.  i forgot to put my running shoes in the bag... guess i'll go get those before we leave.  (i remembered my camera on the first try; so, that has to count for something, right???)