Saturday, February 25, 2017

So.... I decided to go back to my old blog from way back when! I didn't want to completely delete all of this; so, I thought I would simply post a link here to the new blog. So, from here out.... you can check out my work here

Monday, January 23, 2017

A Double Feature!

As per the norm, I am behind in posting. I am trying to get better at this by scheduling them. I'm not there yet! So, today, you are getting my projects from Roman Holiday AND my sneaks for Confidant from Studio Calico 
First up, my Roman Holiday projects. I ADORED the kits this month. I loved that many of the "b" sides were neutral. love love!
Click over to the Roman Holiday gallery for detail shots + inspiration from the whole team. 

Okay.... and for some Sneaks of next month. Click to the Preview page for the deets!:

Saturday, December 17, 2016

December Studio Calico, Cypress Grove

hi, y'all!

 i am a TERRIBLE blogger. i know! i post all over instagram, but i just never blog. it is one of my goals for 2017. today, i'd like to share my projects using the cypress grove kits from studio calico. i loved this month. you can get your hands on these kits through the end of the month. i received the documenter kit, redwood and juniper, as well as the stamp sets for the month. (& i LOVED this set designed by liz tamanaha) for more detail shots of the layouts, as well as more inspiration from the whole team, be sure to hit up the gallery!
i'll start with my favorite! it uses elements from the documenter kit, the juniper and redwood add ons and the gorgeous stamp sub set. 
this documenter spread uses the main kit only. it's simple little layout showcasing some of our decor from 2015 + the the tree!
i used the documenter kit, juniper and redwood to make this layout. i love using cards on a layout to create a 
i made this documenter spread about a trip to an outdoor ice skating rink in 2010. it uses the winter bingo cards, the redwood add on, the documenter kit, the stamp sub set and the memory set
i made this simple layout using the redwood and juniper add ons + the stamp sub set. (have i mentioned how much i love that set? ha!)
i created this one just for the studio calico blog this month. i dug back into our tahoe pictures from 2009 (it's hard to use snow stuff in florida. ha!) it uses the juniper and redwood add ons, the documenter kit, the winter bingo cards and the memory stamp set by life, love, paper  
 for more details, the blog post is HERE 
this is just a little peek of the layout i made using only the documenter kit (i cheated a little by printing more of those cards!) you can only see this layout in full in the cypress grove documenter workshop. you'll get this layout, plus more inspiration from contributors and workshop teacher, jamie waters! 

until next time,

Saturday, May 7, 2016

May Studio Calico: Jolly Holiday

I am slow in posting these! ack! I was so excited to contribute for this month. The kit are GORGEOUS and totally up my alley: color wise and  Mary Poppins was a favorite movie of mine growing up. As soon as I saw the name of the kit, I knew the reference. I received in my contributor box the Documenter kit, the Jane & Michael add on, The Magic cards, the One Little Bird Time Stamp and the Rated Stamp
this layout was the first one i made. i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Jane and Michael add on. the colors are so gorgeous, and the embellishments are just perfect. I need, like, four of this kit; so I have cards to hoard. ha!
See what I mean? the colors are amazing. This one uses the add on + a tiny smidge from the documenter main kit. 
And speaking of the Documenter Main Kit, this is my main kit only layout:
just a simple one page summary of the month of February.
It was perfect timing on the "Magic" card set because we went to Universal Studios in April. The timing really could not have been better for that! The Magic Cards are sold out, but they are available in a digital version, as well. This spread also features the "rated" stamp set from Hello Forever.
this super simple layout uses bits of the documenter kit + the digital version of the Magic Stamp set

When I saw this stamp set from One Little Bird, I KNEW what I would use it for. This layout also uses bits from the Jane & Michael add on and the main documenter kit. For ink colors, hit up this layout at Studio Calico

My subscriber box comes next week. I have the Scrapbook kit + Spoonful Add On + this gorgeous gold stapler. I can't wait! I can't wait to see what you all make with your kits!

Monday, April 4, 2016

a few layouts

Last week, I went on a layout making binge. I just wanted to make some pages and get some stories recorded. so, I lifted a several & just made a few without lifting. These are the ones I made sans lifting. I'll be back in a couple of days with the layouts I lifted.

the first one here is my FAVORITE i think. i adore this story about my son. it's a SUPER simple layout, but often, those end up being my FAVORITES!
Arendal kit from Studio Calico (no longer available, but the papers are HERE, the  digital papers are HERE and the digital stamp is HERE Ephemera is HERE)
Bazzill Basics Prismatic White Cardstock
Font: The Dorothy from this set at The Lilypad

 this layout  I made after getting the Carolina Moon card kit from the Mystery Sales at Studio Calico. As soon as I saw the "dad"cork, I knew what story to tell. My youngest pretty much idolizes his dad. 
Studio Calico, Carolina Moon Card Kit
Studio Calico Homespun Papers
Bazzill Basics Prismatic White Cardstock 
Font: The Dorothy from The Lilypad

For this last one, I needed to make a layout for my 2016 books read. (you can find my 2015 books HERE. I kept it fairly simple because it will fill up with lists of books. Just like last years. ;)
Studio Calico Canal Street Add On
Studio Calico Nes Verk Add On
Brother Typewriter

Friday, March 18, 2016

a post about layouts.

so, i have become a collector of ali edwards' story kits and stamps. (and everything else she makes) they are seriously.... i just love all things ali. it's a bit of a disease. lol. i started subscribing with the black & white kit. And, I picked up some extras during the black friday sale last november. my plan for 2016 was to switch to a monthly project life format and then tell stories using the story kits in a 9x12 album. so.... my collection has gotten quite full. i decided this week to pull them out and make a couple of layouts ; so i would maybe have space for my "tough" kit that is coming soon. welllll.... i made a couple of layouts, but i also bought a bigger basket. problem solved, eh? ha! so here are the layouts i made. both super simple pages. that seems to be my "go-to" these days. so. without further excessive rambling....
this one uses january's "heart" story kit and stamp. all items are from that kit, except the tiny heart stamp. that is from my dear friend joann's shop, the blue abbey.
for this one, i used february's "craft" kit and stamp. the "dear" stamp and pattern paper bits are  from studio calico and i've had the wood veneer for an eternity. that's one thing i've loved about the spreads i've made with these kits... i've found myself going back into my stash for things. i am terrible about remembering to dig into it. i've cut the stash down significantly after moving so many times in the past 3 years, but i still have plenty to dig through. but, that is a post for another day. ;)

how about you? are you an ali addict like i am? 

Monday, February 29, 2016

I'm back!

It's been almost a year and a half. I stepped down from Cocoa Daisy. We moved... AGAIN. In town. Our landlords sold the house. After 3 moves in 3 years, I just needed some time. I don't know about anyone else, but 2015 was just a crazy, crazy year for us. Toward the end of the year, after moving and school starting, I was able to pick up scrapbooking and working on Project Life again. (I am ALMOST caught up on 2015! yay!) When Studio Calico announced that they would open a call for new contributors, I thought, "what the heck?" I've loved them forever. What could hurt from trying? So I did. MUCH to my surprise & delight, I got the email! I'm so anxious to get started. I can't wait to get sharing here again, too!