Sunday, February 27, 2011

project life...

...all the cool kids are doing it.  are you?  ha!  i kid, i kid.  i caught up on mine today; so i thought i would share...   i didn't use becky's kit.  they were all sold out when i was looking.  so, i bought her page proctors & journaling cards, though you could certainly use some of the lovely divided page protector that we r memory keepers makes, as well.  i am using a wrmk album because they are my absolute favorite.  for the pattern papers & cute stuff, i am using my studio calico kits.  so, for the january pages, i used the december 2010 kit (metropolitan) and for february, i used the january 2011 kit (who's who).  i plan to do that for the year.  i have used a LOT of pattern paper!  i am also using the elle's studio calendars for each week.  :)   please excuse the icky colors in the pics below.  apparently, page protectors do NOT photograph well!
(and for those wondering WHAT IN THE HECK IS PROJECT LIFE?!)

this one is missing a couple of photos.  need to get those printed! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

plugging along...

well.  i don't know if *one* counts really as plugging along.  but, whatever... i'm going with it!  i made this one with back 40.  another kit i adored, yet seemed like the box was still full... it's paper.  i've used most of the embellies.  what do you think?  break it down into my stash??  anyway... i made this one with another one of those great pics from my mom.  i've decided my grandma must have always looked fabulous!  this photo is of her and her sisters, and i really think i would wear every one of their dresses!

and a little sneek peek of my march layouts for scrap again.  :) 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

february elle's studio projects. :)

for this layout i used:
these calendar tags & one from this set (i cut the tag in half... the "remember this portion" is under the photo, and i cut the grid part into a circle to use for journaling.
bo bunny recently sent me some of their new product to use.  i used this collection for this layout.  isn't it pretty?   

for this layout, i used one of these tags & a tag from this set.  the color in the "feb 2011" tag matched so perfectly with the paper crush that i used on the layout. love when that happens!  :) 

and for this little card, i used this stamp set and a journaling card from this set.  the pattern papers are from the my mind's eye "fine & dandy" collection and the deer/ squirrel are from a TCP? pattern paper i found at archivers while visiting my parents last month.   

Sunday, February 20, 2011

a sneak + lots of layouts. :)

i've been scrapping.  i know.  insanity, right?  why would i actually want *use* this stuff instead of just looking at it?  ha!  so, the first 2 are peeks of my elle's studio layouts for this month.  they go up on the site on tuesday.  i was really happy with the layouts i made this month.  doesn't always happen.  but, i really loved these 2 + the card i made.  :)   also - tomorrow the new "layers" stuff comes out.  yay!!!  can't wait to get that in my hot (actually freezing cold at the moment) hands!    

and next up.... i was looking at the iris boxes i hold my studio calico kits in & i have 10 kits, all in varying stages of use.  some used a lot.  some barely touched.  seriously?!  TEN!  sheesh!  so... i decided to challenge myself to go back & make one layout with each kit.  i've made it through 4. 

this one is from april 2010, "joyland."  i loved that kit.  not really sure why i still have some left!  but i do! 

this one is from party sunny.  i've not done much with this kit.  it just didn't call me like some of the others.  but, i've been hoarding that chipboard piece.  decided to buck up and use it! 

this one is from continental.  a kit i LOVED but have rarely used! i need to get on that.  i actually have some old air force photos of my great uncle during ww2.  thinking i might need to use this kit for those...

this one is from summer camp.  i've made a bunch of layouts with this one; so, i am thinking i can break it down soon... just to feel like i've gotten more done.  some old pics of my daughter!  eep!  she looks so little! 

and these last two.  sigh.... i ordered a bunch of the new stella and rose from my mind's eye.  seriously in love with this stuff.  made these 2 at a crop last nite.  want to keep using it more & more & more!  these 2 are current new favs!  :)

my mom has done a great job of scanning old family photos and putting them on disks for me.  when i saw this photo of my grandma, i fell in love with it!  i think i am going to print one to put up in my house.   this stella and rose just seemed perfect for some of these old photos.  :) 
(and those thickers - how delicious are those?  i may or may not have bought several packs.)

this pretty little thing is my friend's daughter.  her name is stella.  how could i not use this for a layout of her!  hee hee! 

and that's it for now.... though i have some more scrappy plans.  :)  so, maybe i'll have some more to share soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

today's the day!

a little while ago, paige from american crafts asked if i would be a guest designer for them in february.  of course, i said yes!  today is the day my projects are up on the american crafts blog.  i ended up having to scrap at my mom's house with little other than what ac sent.  that was an experience! (no sewing machine.  no computer.  no stash.  did i mention no dewing machine?  gasp!)   lol.  but, i am pretty happy with the way they turned out...  if you have some free time pop on over to their blog and check it!  they are doing a giveaway of the classics line; so, be sure to check that out too!!!:)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

some baby-ish things...

...even though i don't have a baby.  lol.  my dear friend emily had a baby this past week.  a couple of days prior, she came over to my house; so, i could snap a couple of photos of her & her daughter.  (doesn't she look amazing!  i wish i looked that gorgeous a few days away from delivery!)  any. way.  so, i made this sweet, little layout with a couple of the photos i took.   
i made this layout from the february the story matters kit.  i added the sassafras letter stickers, pearls and the studio calico nadiya stamps. 

and this little card i made for another family in the squadron who *also* had a baby girl this past week.  (busy baby week in the squadron, i guess!)  we were taking a meal to them yesterday; so, i wanted to add a little card just to say "welcome" to the new little babe.  
for this one, i used my january studio calico kit, who's who (which i had not even touched yet!  yikes!) + the nadiya stamps, hero arts basic alpha & this cute little stamp from hero arts.  

Saturday, February 12, 2011

i can not wait!

how lovely does this look? :)  looking forward to seeing it!  yay!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

crushing on paper crush

it's not secret that i love sass...  the paper crush i ordered came on monday.  oooooh la la!  i've made 2 layouts.  i wanted to share! :)
my sister's dog, aggie... poor, sweet. patient, long-suffering aggie.  noah just loved her to bits & pieces.  she was so sweet and calm with him.  he would follow her everywhere.  just petting on her & loving on her.  but, she is a dog who needs her alone time.  she handled noah like a trooper.  and when i saw this puppy on the sweet treats, i knew what it was going to be used for!

i can not show you more of this one yet.  but, let me say, it's a new fav!  i love how 2 layouts from the same pattern paper line look so different.  i am loving this stuff!  i am sure there will be much more to come!  :)