crushing on paper crush

it's not secret that i love sass...  the paper crush i ordered came on monday.  oooooh la la!  i've made 2 layouts.  i wanted to share! :)
my sister's dog, aggie... poor, sweet. patient, long-suffering aggie.  noah just loved her to bits & pieces.  she was so sweet and calm with him.  he would follow her everywhere.  just petting on her & loving on her.  but, she is a dog who needs her alone time.  she handled noah like a trooper.  and when i saw this puppy on the sweet treats, i knew what it was going to be used for!

i can not show you more of this one yet.  but, let me say, it's a new fav!  i love how 2 layouts from the same pattern paper line look so different.  i am loving this stuff!  i am sure there will be much more to come!  :)


  1. I had NO IDEA that you loved Sass!!!! LOL!!!! Oh these are so so so great!! REALLY I had no idea that these were available to purchase already, which rock have i been under? I should have swiped them from the sass booth while i was there, lol.

  2. I'm crushing on it too! But we are always months behind in getting the latest products to the UK. I know there's a few bits of this in the SC add-on I ordered which will hopefully be here in the next week or so though, yay!

    That dog sticker from the sweet treats is perfect for that LO, so cute! I like how you layered the heart paper on the grid paper.

    I hope you applied for the Sass DT Mandi! Really rooting for you if you did.

  3. This is so sweet, Mandie, love the banner!

  4. Adorable and the bottom pic of your little doggie cracks me up! So stinkin cute!

  5. Wonderful page! Can't wait to see the rest of the second one!

  6. Love those pages!What is the stamp you used for Noah & Aggie?


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