what??? i'm suppose to blog?

is that what this thing is for? to actually type something more than once a month? sheesh! my style is more to cram in a bunch of layouts i did over a few weeks. lol. i LOVED the september studio calico kit summer camp (i believe they still have some!) i have made more layouts with it than i have photographed - maybe ten or eleven? i'd have to count. it was a good one!  so, without further ado, here are a few of the ones i've made with summer camp.  :)
this one was for g's lift the person above you challenge.  i lifted rita.
this is 2 of my kidlets on their first day of school...
this one is about my beautiful middle sister (well one of 2 middles.)  she came to visit last month.  we took a tour of the sterling winery (see first lo!) and i took some pics of her while we were there. (also see below!) 

so, our 4 year old washing machine broke in july.  we got an estimate to fix it.... $658.  are you serious?!  we ended up buying a new one (because it cost less!) and recycling the old.  i was not incredibly happy to have to fork over the cash for the new one, but i must say... i LOVE my washer.  true, it doesn't match the dryer.  but  whatever.  it gets my clothes cleaner.  they dry in half the time.  it's great!
and a note on the design of this lo.  i am NOT a raw chipboard shape gal.  i secretly groan when it is in one of the kits.  not that i don't think it's adorable.  i do.  so cute!  but, i just never know how to use it!  well... wasn't it timely this go 'round with the new washer? ;) 

this one (& the next two) were from the kelley purkey sketchbook class over at studio calico.  
(i think days 3 & 4!) 

this one is of our boys.  just playing, happy as can be, for hours one day.  they played with their lightening mcqueens & maters & r2d2 all day long.  it was fabulous!

see what i mean about loving this kit?  it was gorgeous, right?  clearly, i love the alphabet stamp set too!  


  1. I always love your layouts on SC, so I decided to follow your blog! Looking forward to seeing what else you create!

  2. You really rocked this kit Mandie! I'm not a fan of chipboard either, and dread it being in kits! But what you've done with it is so cute!

  3. I have been needing a "scoop of Mandie" to kick me in the behind and motivate me to scrap. Seeing this posting did the job. While as usual I love every ding dang layout, there are two that have captured my attention and heart. They are: Mini Photo Shoot and Hey Baby. I want to copy the first entirely. I have been staring at those rub ons wondering how to use them. Figure it out...copy Mandie. :o) The Hey Baby one caught my eye. because I am not a raw chip chick either. I absolutely love how you used the chips. So perfect for your new washing machine! BTW....They also remind me of Paperkins in a way. HA HA...little dangling headless Paperkins.

    Thanks for the motivational boost. :o)

  4. Seriously...you are awesome. How do you find the time! These are all great...but I especially love the photo shoot one and the first day of school one! I really need to bust out that kit...I bought THREE add-ons and haven't made a thing yet!! ;)

  5. wow ~ you have been so creatively busy lately and I love every drop! my favorites are "hey baby" and the top layout of you & Kim enjoying some sister time...well done!!

  6. FANTASTICC Mandie!! wowowowowow!! love them, they are so so so good!!! I can't believe that your 4-year old machine is broken!! unbelievable that you have to buy a new one only after 4 years!!!

  7. Consider yourself tagged! Stop by for a visit!


    Ps- I LOVE your pages, and can't wait to get back to scrapping! Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. WOW Mandie, you rocked this kit!!! I love every layout, specially the "my sister my friend" one..great layouts. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  9. lalalalaloooooooove these layouts!

  10. These are awesome! Especially the laundry one--I have yet to use those chip pieces even though I love them!


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