this is it!

Body Glide: check.
ipod: check.
Spiffy Coordinating Running Outfit So i look like i know what in the frick frack I am doing: check.
Hotel Confirmations, Race Entry Confirmations, Dinner Reservations Printed: check.

now, we are just waiting for our fantabulous friend who is coming to stay the night with the brood, and we will be headed down to to San Fransisco for the Nike Women's.  Eeek!  Nervous? Yes.  Excited? Yes.  can't believe i was insane enough to sign up for this!  whew!  wish me luck!

oh.  crap.  i forgot to put my running shoes in the bag... guess i'll go get those before we leave.  (i remembered my camera on the first try; so, that has to count for something, right???)


  1. Oh my! Good luck! Have fun! Where's the ibuprofen for after the race? And your ID card in case they card you when you want to go for the wine/beer/drink of choice afterward?!

  2. Good luck! You will be awesome!

  3. Lots of luck coming your way Miss Mandie!

  4. you ROCK sweet friend!!!
    good luck! can't wait to hear.


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