couple of napa valley layouts.

had a crop at the house this weekend.  don't ask how much i finished then.... it's sad.  we won't go there.  BUT.... we did have a fabulous time.  drank some delish margaritas, and had some wonderful laughs.  but, i did make a couple of layouts with napa valley yesterday & today.  so, i thought i'd share!  they are both a lot brighter/ less fall-ish than i thought i'd make... trying to challenge my self to use beyond kraft.  i get kinda stuck on it sometimes!
this one uses primarily santa cruz.  plus a couple of buttons from my stash & licorice mist.  i NEED more of that alpha!  i used all of the e's!  nooooo!  lol.  
yep... my kids never cooperate.  oh well.  

the idea came for this one when i was scrapping yesterday & brad paisley's song "then" came on.  
incidentally, the photos in both layouts were taken in napa valley last weekend.  :)  
i think i am in love with these butterflies from making memories!  :)

Oh!  before i forget.... i have been asked multiple times what the alpha stamps i use all the time are.  they are the basic upper case & lower case stamps from hero arts.  


  1. I really, really love the top layout! :) and that photo of you two is adorable!!!

  2. Love your pages, Mandie!! And yes, one never have enough E's...

  3. love your stuff! as always! :-)

  4. Awesome layouts, and I love that Brad Paisley song! Yes, that alpha requires several sets. It is awesome!

  5. Oh Mandie, love both of these, especially the second layout--I'm a sucker for song layouts:)

  6. Oh I bet you guys had a blast. Denise told me all about it. I love these pages - one fun and sweet and the other sentimental - love the title on that one. Love the title work on the first one. The colors are fabulous! Great pages as always.

  7. Hey Mandie! I left you some love on my blog. Go check it out when you have a chance!


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