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so.  the 'rents are visiting.  they came in the day after christmas.  we went to napa valley yesterday & went to castello di amarosa.  (owned by the same sattui that owns v. sattui.) delectable wine & family friendly.  actually, if you've ever seen "bedtime stories" with adam sandler (& if you haven't, you should... good, funny family movie!) the castle scenes were filmed there.  ANYWAY...  then went into napa for lunch at black bear diner (one of my major faves!!!) and then popped over to downtown to stop into anette's for some chocolates.  (truffles for me, a chocolate covered homemade marshmellow for the man - cuz that's just how he rolls...) 
 today we hit up the jelly belly factory.  it's a must when we have company.  nevermind that the kids & i have the tour memorized, could take the test to get our "degrees in beanology" and start giving tours.  whatever.  i guess  because of the christmas break, it was CROWDED.  we waited almost 2 hours to take the tour.  more than twice as long as we have ever waited.  but, as always, the kids loved it.  i got a huge bag of reindeer candy corn cheap since it is now after christmas.  so, everyone was a happy camper all around... :) 

so.  now.  it's pouring rain outside.  the hubs & my dad are watching football.  my mom & kids have gone to bed.  so, i'm sitting in my room half watching dateline, half reading the gibletgate thread @ 2 peas, consuming the rest of my little box of truffles from anette's yesterday & drinking a glass of gamay rouge from v. sattui and posting to say "hiiiiiiiii" and ask how your christmas was?  ours was good.  the kids loved all of their gifts from santa, played and shared like champs all day christmas.  it was fantastic day.  totally, totally lazy.  just ate random food & hung out in our pj's.  the kids actually stayed in pj's all day - only to change into a fresh pair for bedtime & watched "the santa clause 3."  (another movie we love!)      

oh - and to share this.  tomorrow elle is starting peeks for the new lines.  i can't not wait to get my hands on the new stuff!!!  be sure to check it out!!!


  1. hi mandie! sounds like you're having some fun (and busy) days! mmm...i'm craving chocolate now! love truffles! happy new year, friend!

  2. (and i'm excited that my comment finally went through on your blog! woohoo!)


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