Tuesday, September 21, 2010

does scrapbooking count as cross training?

i hope so.  with a husband out of town & a boy who was pukey & didn't go to school, that's what i did today instead of running.  so, we're gonna call scrapbooking cross training, k?  that way i feel a little better about it!  hee hee!  finally got a chance to break out my studio calico back 40 kit that came last week.  LOVING this kit!  super lovely!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

just wanted to say...

...my butt hurts from my 7 mile walk/ run today.  i have to do almost double this soon!  eek!  what am i thinking? 
that's it.  nothing else. :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it's official...

...i am insane!  i don't know if anyone remembers me saying i had tried for a spot in the nike women's half marathon in the lottery & didn't get it.  then, tried to earn a spot by running the most miles i could & then started having knee problems... i figured the nike women's was out for me this year.  then, lo & behold, friday last week... i got an email from nike women's offering me a spot in the race.  i snapped it up.  now, i just have to do a half marathon NEXT MONTH!  i think i am insane!  lol.  it'll be okay.  i know i will be walk/ running it.  i just can't believe i said "yes!!!!!" to a race in a month & i haven't been training... gah!  i just gotta say.... i hope the tee shirt looks like the graphic above.  because i want THAT!  hee hee.... wish me luck!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

another layout

okay... i know what you are thinking.... 2 days in a row?  did someone check to make sure her pulse is steady, that she's not hallucinating?  lol.  i finished this one up monday night, but didn't have it photographed yet.  i love it & wanted to share it.  when i saw the togetherness chipboard from cosmo cricket, i knew i wanted to use those foxes for a lo about my youngest & my husband.  he ADORES daddy.  absolutely adores him.  the hubs came home from korea over the weekend, and collin was attached to him like velcro.  saturday, i walked past the back window & this is what i saw.  i knew it was going to be what i used the cosmo chippy for (& my order from 2 peas came on saturday.  it was meant to be!)  i used pattern papers from basic grey's new christmas line, jovial.  isn't that plaid just delicious?  (i am sucker for plaid!)  i also used the brads & ruler sticker from crate paper's new school spirit line. (such cute stuff!)

Edited to add a supply list for darlene.  :)
Addy Mini Alphabet Stamp  This is from the Studio Calico Sugar Woods add on.  It's not available anymore, but the alpha will be available in ltd. quantities on Sept. 28, midnight eastern time (i think) in the Studio Calico shop. (Might be October, but i think it will be Sept...)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

what??? i'm suppose to blog?

is that what this thing is for? to actually type something more than once a month? sheesh! my style is more to cram in a bunch of layouts i did over a few weeks. lol. i LOVED the september studio calico kit summer camp (i believe they still have some!) i have made more layouts with it than i have photographed - maybe ten or eleven? i'd have to count. it was a good one!  so, without further ado, here are a few of the ones i've made with summer camp.  :)
this one was for g's lift the person above you challenge.  i lifted rita.
this is 2 of my kidlets on their first day of school...
this one is about my beautiful middle sister (well one of 2 middles.)  she came to visit last month.  we took a tour of the sterling winery (see first lo!) and i took some pics of her while we were there. (also see below!) 

so, our 4 year old washing machine broke in july.  we got an estimate to fix it.... $658.  are you serious?!  we ended up buying a new one (because it cost less!) and recycling the old.  i was not incredibly happy to have to fork over the cash for the new one, but i must say... i LOVE my washer.  true, it doesn't match the dryer.  but  whatever.  it gets my clothes cleaner.  they dry in half the time.  it's great!
and a note on the design of this lo.  i am NOT a raw chipboard shape gal.  i secretly groan when it is in one of the kits.  not that i don't think it's adorable.  i do.  so cute!  but, i just never know how to use it!  well... wasn't it timely this go 'round with the new washer? ;) 

this one (& the next two) were from the kelley purkey sketchbook class over at studio calico.  
(i think days 3 & 4!) 

this one is of our boys.  just playing, happy as can be, for hours one day.  they played with their lightening mcqueens & maters & r2d2 all day long.  it was fabulous!

see what i mean about loving this kit?  it was gorgeous, right?  clearly, i love the alphabet stamp set too!