tutorial day at elle's!

so, today is the day.  i've been dreading it a little.  i've never written a tutorial.  the thought of doing it frightened me a little.  but, i think it turned out okay!  :)  so, i made this cute little cupcake topper.  hope you enjoy!  for the actual tutorial & more pics, click on over to the elle's studio blog & peep it out!  :)
p.s. i can't take credit for that lovely red velvet cupcake.  i bought it @ nugget!  :)


  1. The cupcake is almost as cute as the topper! So cute! Off to check out the tutorial now! :)

  2. Gorgeous, Mandie! I will take a topper and a cupcake. Mmmmmm!

  3. Your tutorial was fab! Gosh I love the handmade layers line!

  4. This cupcake topper is adorable:)

  5. yummy...the cupcake and the topper!


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