meet the team at pebbles!

last week and this week are "meet the team" weeks over at the pebbles blog.  today was my & gretchen mcelveen's turn!  this is the layout i made for the blog:

i think i may be slightly obsessed with fresh goods!  love every bit of this line!!!!  


  1. Nice work Mandie! I think it's great to do a birthday layout for yourself every year. And lemme tell ya - 33 is anything but old. ;)

  2. One HECK of an amazing page!!! I actually don't have to remember when I thought 30 was old coz I have friends who reminds me all the time how I told them this "fact" when I was 17 and they were 30 :) LOL

  3. Oh this is so so amazing! Love everything about this page!
    ~Megan Klauer

  4. my gosh, this is fantastic! you are on fire!

  5. First, I LOVE that photo of you! So fun! Second, this is an awesome layout! Love, love those numbers!!

  6. that photo is so happy!! i love it! and i think you're gonna have a hell of an amazing year with Pebbles. *hugs*

  7. So nice! So wonderful!

    And I had a Dejavu. *hihi*

    Look here (the last layout) ;-)

    Best wishes,
    Birgit from Germany

  8. LOVE this Mandie! So fun and beautiful! Xo


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