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i have to admit to being one of the worst bloggers ever!  i'm just not on the computer often.  it was even more so that way last week due to me & all 3 kids being sick!  last week i was assigned "inspired by" on the pebbles inc blog.    here is what i came up with.  ( for more details and to check out what anna sigga did, as well, click on over to the pebbles blog)
Inspired by this:

and this cute little wall hanging 
inspired by this:


  1. Oh Mandie, I believe it's clear that I am the world's worst blogger. I'd shut mine down, if I was such a narcissist. HA! Love your layout and wall hanging. You did a great job on a baby layout without it being too babyish. And the elephant wall hanging is adorable!

  2. Oh that first page is so timeless looking - I love that for a baby page! Very nice inspo piece-the way you translated it could not be more perfect. That wall art is waaaay cute!


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