a little scrappiness

hi, there!  i thought i'd update with some new layouts.  this summer has been incredibly hectic, but last week & this week, i've had time to actually scrapbook.  (i've also been rearranging my space a little.  will share pics of that when i am done!)  AND.  i'm only 4 weeks behind on project life.  (only!  ha!)  it really has just been that kind of year.  i was about 8 weeks behind.  (YIKES!)
 this one is, by far, my current favorite layout.  i used the studio calico kit elmwood park, plus add ons.  (the arrow stamp is from the socal kit.)  i cut out the words on my cameo using the blackout font.  (it's a free font.  just google & it will pop up!)  The "today" is cut out using the ali edwards free font.  i just backed the cut out words with pattern paper.
 attempting to dig into the ridiculous amount of barely touched kits, i made this one with daydream believer.  i didn't think i would like those butterflies, but i do!
 another new fav.  the stamping took what felt like forever (probably more like 45 minutes).  but i love the way it turned out.  the speech bubbles just seemed like a good fit for this topic.  
 another layout from socal.  it also uses some of the new cut files from studio calico. the title font is called branboll ft. found it while searching for a free baseball font that included a swoosh.  (love the swoosh!)
 this one is pretty simple.  i do love the colors!  another one from elmwood park & add ons.

if you made it this far, congratulations!  you deserve a medal for reading this far!  ha!  hopefully, i will have more to post soon!


  1. Awesome layouts!! I love the huge die cut titel on the first one, looks amazing!! :)

  2. That texting one is soooo awesome. :)

  3. LOVE these--my favorite is the first GREAT job!

  4. amazing. all of these are fabulous. love the all dressed up pic of you. and the texting page makes me smile :)

  5. Love all of these, but agree, the first one is DROP DEAD awesome! Just made my first cut with my Silhouette today and you are me want to play with it NOW!

  6. Just spent some time looking at a lot of your luscious layouts. Really love the Cameo technique of using the black out font on the Cheese to Macaroni layout. Thanks for the great inspiration.

  7. gorgeous work! you are very inspiring!

  8. I'm 298 days behind on my Project Life. HA HA HA! Sigh. So I was sitting in my office with my boss the other day and out of my mouth came the words (directed to a male co-worker, who needed an ego building) you are the mac to my cheese. You are the pb to my j. Then I just sat and cracked up. It all came from seeing your layout in July. Too funny. So to say that your layout stuck with me is an understatement. Not only is it amazing, but the words resonate. :) Now in regard to the texting layout I've told you previously that it is amazing and it seriously is. I love it and I love that I am a part of the awesomeness of the layout. Texting with you is always a blast...whether it is about scrapping, music or Dexter. It's always fun. :)

  9. WOW!!I love all of these Mandie! You are super fab AWESOME! Love everything you create!


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