i don't think i ever made the annoucement over here.  i'm pretty much world's worst blogger!  but, i am joining the pebbles design team again for the 2012-2013 year.  i am so very, very thrilled to be back!  this week and next are the "meet the team" weeks.  there are 2 new members each day.  please pop over there & say "hi" and welcome the new girls!  this is my project for this week.  a simple layout about shoes!  ha!  i figure one day these will be a piece about the time in which we lived, right?  or maybe my children will just want to mock my fashion choices.  lol!  either way.... i had fun making the layout.  :)

hope everyone has a safe and fun labor day!


  1. yay! so excited to be on this team with you! love the layout - so fun and colorful...and i am always a shoe photo fan! ;)

  2. Such a fun layout,love the subject!

  3. So excited and happy that you are part of the Pebbles team for another year!!Congrats!

  4. I am thrilled that they asked you back. You are such a great part of the team. I think layouts about styles worn will be awesome to look back on. I'm glad you do these layouts for that reason and so I can see just how far out of style I am. I need to go shoe shopping ASAP.


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