scrap room re-arrange

trying to blog more.  i never know what exactly to blog about aside from scrapbook layouts & such.  i don't think our daily life is all that interesting... unless you consider things like laundry and running and hearing about paleo (a new thing for us) eating.  or crazy child shenanigans (you know... like your child taking daddy's tennis ball from when he worked tennis matches at the 1996 olympics and hitting it over the fence into the neighbor with multiple dogs' yard.  and you don't find out about it until late at night & you can't go over there right now until tomorrow.  by then the ball will probably be eaten.  yep.  that happened TODAY.  ugh.)  but really, it's pretty mundane around here.  tennis lessons, gymnastics, church activities, working in school classrooms and the ever glamorous toilet bowl scrubbing and the like.... ANYWAY.  all that  to say, i thought i would share some (read: an obsessive over share amount) of pics of my scrap space since i rearranged it a few weeks ago.  not that much scrapbooking has happened in here in months.  (please see note in prior post about kids' school & after school schedule kicking one's butt...)  again... i digress.  you can see how it was HERE
so.... the table & the 2x4 expedit are in the same place.  i swapped the shelf with the albums with the shelves that had kits & such on it.  (i also painted the shelves grey.)
oh, the ikea cart.  i may be slightly obsessed with these & won't share how many we are using in our home.  but i have 2 in my scrap room.  this is the first one.  it houses all of the things i use most often and sits right next to my desk. 
the top bin has all my essentials... pens, adhesive, those little ink pads that i use a gazillion of every month, photos i have printed for project life, etc, etc 
the second tray houses all my my tags, bags & bits i may use on project life 
the bottom drawer holds stamps, frequently used ink (ie my black stazon!) and some acrylic blocks 
here we have my newest piece.  an alex cart from ikea. the trays on top hold whatever i may be working on at the time.  all of the drawers are where i keep my kits. it forces me to have no more than 6 at a time.  (right now, i'm pretty proud of myself because i only have 3 plus my December Daily kit in there.  awe yeah!) 

a little view of how i store the kits in there.  the divided plastic thing is from target. 
over here we have some shelves that hold my ipod dock, cameo & photo printer.  Current favorite layouts hang on the clipboards.  also in here is all of my design team product from pebbles, cardstock, any pattern paper i own that doesn't belong to a kit, extra page protectors, and some containers that hold extra buttons & wood veneers... that kind of thing. (the green bin on the floor next to it, is my purge box.)
these are the boxes that have buttons & brads, etc.  i have plastic trays from joann's and target in the top.  and more stuff in the bottom.  

apparently, i did not take an overview shot here.  but this is my shelf under the window.  on top of it is my typewriter, a bin from harbor freight and a tiered wire basket with wooden stamps. it holds my magazines that i have things published in, some favorite punches, photos that need to be scrapped, photos paper... things like that.  

the harbor freight spinning bin on top of the shelf. 
next to the shelf is my other ikea cart.  the top bin has ink pads, embossing powder, etc. in it (the organizer in there is actually from the bathroom section at ikea.  love that thing!) 
these 2 are obvious, right?  lol.   

we move over to the other side of the room.  i have current magazines in that fun rack (total consignment sale score!) 
all of my albums are here.  plus a few nick knack kind of things.
My clip it up has embellishments from current collections.  the white drawers have alphas.  we won't discuss how i can't fit any more thickers into that bottom drawer.
and.... my favorite thing in here right now is this print & owl from home goods.  they make my heart happy!


  1. Wow! Super-organised. I'm so jealous :-)

  2. Just...a wonderful place where create!!!

  3. Natalie, I took those photos several weeks ago. It currently looks like a bomb exploded in there! Lol! But... Thank you, ladies! I like my space! :)

  4. That Alex cart idea is BRILLIANT! Totally copying that:)

  5. Oh my gosh. I LOVE how organized everything is...specifically your embellishments. I feel like mine are all just thrown in a big old bin, and I can't ever remember what I have!!

  6. Just came over from the SC post on the Ikea carts....Your room is amazing! Love the organization! I'm inspired to get my Ikea cart out of the box and assemble it (I've had it since the summer) LOL! Thanks for the inspiration

  7. i came over from SC too! we have a lot of the same furniture in our space, but mine does NOT look like yours. will be taking inspiration from yours. that's amazing! and the alex cart... going to go today to take a look.

  8. oh i love your space!!! wish i had a room just for scrapping....maybe one day!

  9. Great room! So nicely organized! Thanks for sharing. I love how you use your Alex cart! I just got one and am putting my punches in it. But wondering if I should change course....

    Also, love the font of your blog title!! Do you know what it is called?

    1. Hi, Melanie! The font is called Hi-Lite. :) I think that is how you spell it anyway! I have a new computer & don't have the font any more. But, I do love it!

  10. Your space is beautiful! Love it!! (Came over from the SC Raskog thread)

  11. super jelly! love your room and miss mine!


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