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hi, all!
  just thought i'd pop on and share that i am working on listing a lot of my scrapbook stash.  some on ebay.  maybe some boxes on here too??? i have not decided that bit yet.  anyway.  we are preparing to move this summer.  possibly somewhere where a large amount of my things will be in storage. (i can not wait to find out!  the waiting is the hardest part!)  which led me to think... well.  if i have to store this for a few years, will i care about it when it comes out of storage?  if the answer was "no," i decided to sell.  right now, i have a bunch of stamps listed on ebay.  i have more things to list.  i'm just tired of sitting at the computer.  ha! but, i thought i'd link up my items here.  :)
you can find what i have listed HERE.  i will likely list in waves.  a big number this week.  then in another couple of weeks, a bunch more....
if you have any questions, you can message me through ebay or shoot an email to:
(i feel like i need a photo here!  lol.)


  1. When I click on the link there are no items. Did everything already sell? Or have you just not posted it yet?? I might be interested in stuff :)

  2. hey, Court! everything I had for sale sold. Will list more stuff as I get a chance. :)


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