riddle me this...

so, why is it that a mom can have a pounding headache, serious congestion and a throat so sore that it hurts to even think of swallowing... BUT she takes sudafed every 4 hours and troops on. dad gets the SAME ailment & takes the same medication, and he is lying on the couch wrapped in a blanket and making sniffling, pathetic noises. seriously. where is the fairness in this senario? it only annoyes me. sorry, dude. i don't feel bad for you. maybe if i had laid on the couch sniffling, i might. but, i didn't even get the option. okay RANT over!

AND riddle me this also.... who is this gal on the sass blog again? what??? my lovely friend denise pointed it out to me. (she is featured on the sc blog today. :) ) i'm not sure how i managed to get there again, but seriously, i'll take it. dude, i love sassafras lass. they are my favorite & have been for several years now.

i feel like this post needs a picture. it feels naked without it. we can't have any nakey-ness going on...

this gleek is counting the days to april 13. are you?


  1. Congrats on getting up on the Sass blog and I can't wait for Glee to start!!

  2. I always tease my Hubby that he gets some strand of every virus that morphs into a germ 10 times stronger than everyone elses. So sad. Totally can't wait for Glee to return.

  3. Men, they are just big babies.

  4. Congrats on the Sass blog! That's great!


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