this post shall have lots of photos...

well.... because i never blog. ever. and sorry to have to make the comments need approval first. i was getting weird comments with links to porn. so, if you're over at studio calico, you've likely seen these, but these are a few of the most recent layouts i've done. honestly, i'm gonna be lazy & not post everything. :O i know. i am the worst blogger on the planet! i'm never here! these are all from the march studio calico kit "quilting bee." it was quite a lovely kit! :) hope you all are getting more done than i am!

the layout above is quite possibly my current new fav lo. this is troy & me just a few days ago. :) all is from the kit and "honeycomb" add on - except for the pearls & jenni bowlin button. you wanna know what's funny about this one? i didn't really like that turquoise paper. but, as i was looking at the stuff on the floor, thought... ooooh the turquoise with yellow & orange. let's do that. lol.
this one is, well, a little from the kit. the sass flowers i picked up at michael's yesterday - and used the whole package on this layout. (what can i say? i love 'em!) i also took photos of the pages in my bible (it's the book of esther, if you were curious. ;) ) i printed them out & then punched them out with my seal of approval punches & large scallop punch from marvy. thought it was kinda fun. the ribbon, letters, veneer & stick pins all came from the kit. i just dotted the letters with a gel pen because they just weren't standing out on the kraft, to me anyway.
this one is of my grandpa & nanny (before they were married) with my great grandma. just love this picture. not sure why. just do. :) kinda simple one, but i think i like it.
this is my aunt pam. when i saw this pic, i knew i had to use this kit because of the tricycle. i loved the trike stamp, but wasn't sure where i would use it - except for maybe for the boys. perfect. i was also struck by how much my sister looks like my aunt when she was little. never particularly noticed it in her almost 30 years, but here - my sister kristen looks like aunt pam!
another simple on that i really loved. another pic of my aunt pam. (thanks to mom for bringing me more old family photos - by the way!) this one was pretty easy - just cut the flowers out of the dear lizzy paper. cut the girl from the cosmo cricket paper & there you have it. toss on a few pearls, and you're good to go!
i labored over this thing forever - and it shows. sheesh. it's kinda overworked, but whatever. photo is from christmas a couple of years ago. and, i think, everything is from the kit. (well, i didn't buy the add on that had the buttons, but i already had those buttons.)


  1. Great pages! I especially love that first one--the colors are fabulous, love the mix of that type, and that photo is so gorgeous!

  2. LOVE these pages - my favorite is "Back in the Day" and "Us in Numbers". And BTW, I've haven't heard the acoustic version of You & I before today - who knew??

  3. GORGEOUS pages!!! I loved all of them, but the first one is my favorite!!! Thanks for the great inspiration ;)


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