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   we are drawing near to the end of our two week spring break.  (hallelujah!)  this was clearly not designed by the parents, but by the teachers.  we spent a lot of time at various local parks last week, but this week has been a touch on the cold side.  today, it is raining, windy & cold.  bleh.   this week has been a toy story/ toy story 2 marathon week.  (we got new copies last week because our others were straight up worn out!)  if it weren't for the fact that i already have these movies memorized, i would have them memorized after this week!  today, we went to see "how to train your dragon."  it was a hit.  collin was a little scared and wound up sitting in my lap.  i have managed to squeeze in some scrapping in between playing referee between my tattle tale, bossy & argumentative 10 year old and my 5 year old, as well as breaking up physical fights between the 3 year old and the 5 year old.  (i am about to go off my rocker...)  here is a little of what i've done... 
  this is a new personal favorite.  i made it using mostly things from the sassafras lass sweet marmalade collection.  sass is seriously at the top of my list of all time favorite brands.  (there are 5 on that list & sass is at the top!  :) )  this layout is of my dearest friend, taryn.  we met when our husbands were in the same squadron in alaska (about 5 & half years ago!)  i miss her like crazy.  she (and her family) are like family to me & mine. :)  i really liked the way this one turned out with all the k&co squares and the bits of sass all over.  i can't take credit for the pic of taryn.  i pulled it from her blog.  it was taken by her friend ericka johnson (gotta give credit where credit is due!)
this was another one i really liked.  also using mostly sass.  i used cherry delicious and apple jack.  you can't see it well in this photo, but i folded the cherry delicious paper accordion style. (the cute little flower one).  and much to my surprise, this one also made an appearance on the sassafras blog.  (blow me over!)

this cute little card using the sass nerdy birdy collection came together quickly.  
i made this card using some leftover bits & pieces from the december 2008 studio calico kit (center stage) 

this was a quick lo i made to use up some of my studio calico cotillion kit.  it is of my dear friend amanda and me.  she was my constant companion when we were in little rock.  if we didn't see each other daily, we talked on the phone daily.  our families were like family.  we spent holidays together.  birthdays together.  when her husband was deployed, she and kids had a lot of meals at our house.  i just miss them like crazy too.  i guess a major downside to the military is making so many friends who end up all over the country!  

made this super quick little tag of a buddy of ours' birthday last weekend.  
more sass love.  this one uses apple jack.  it's about how my son says "oh snap!" and how that makes me crazy!  i do love the goofy looking face he's making in this one!

this one was for the sunday sketch at studio calico a couple of sundays ago.  i made it using the march kit (quilting bee).  it's my daughter and her two best friends here.  


  1. Yep....gotta get you on that Sass DT, because you know how to use Sass and make it shine. I love that I can tell a layout is created by you and yet it's not a duplication of anything you have done before. Thanks for sharing!

  2. try NOT to be such an overachiever, my head is spinning so fast, which one should I comment on?? everything is so fabulous, but I agree that I am totally your cup of team, any time you are ready, I'm ready for you to send me that card! LOL. don't get me started on that snap layout, it looks to me "oh out for pub!" LoL. awesome!!!

  3. wow....loving all these layouts and cards! i especially love your anne of green gables reference in your journalling...so sweet!!

  4. This is loaded with all kinds of YUMMOLICIOUS creativity going on here...LOVE it all!

  5. wow! just wow! fantastic stuff...esp love the fear layout...great verse!

  6. Gorgeous projects! You are rocking the Sass! Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog:)

  7. wow - inspiration overload. Loved all these projects, and the one posted on the Sass blog (congrats by the way) was just divine. Great and awesome work :)


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