way to break my heart. i mean, really!

so the other day, the hubs had to go to a wing commander's call.  generally he wears a flight suit to work (around our house they are also known as the green pajamas!)  but, the wing commander, apparently, doesn't love flight suits.  so, hubs - being the overachiever he is, decided to wear his bdu's.  after taking our oldest to school, our middle one says (in a small voice), "mama, is daddy coming home tonite?"  i replied, "yes, baby.  he just went to work.  he'll be home tonite.  why would you think he's not coming home?"  his reply?  "because.  he was wearing sole-ja clothes."  oh my gosh.  how sad!  oh, the things that go through a 5 year old's brain!


  1. Okay, first of all, thank you for your sacrifices and services to the country.

    Secondly, don't tell your DH, but did you rob the cradle with him? He looks seriously 25 here! if that!! or maybe he is!!!

  2. What a sweet picture! And he does 25! hee hee

  3. i know! i am married to a man with a baby face! we are both in our early 30's!

  4. oh, that is so sweet. He didn't want his Daddy to leave again! Brings tears to my eyes!

  5. sad .. what would get me is when we were going to the Airport for a normal trip the boys would think one of us were leaving on a deployment ..

    Sniffles .. handsome family


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