another new favorite and teachers' gifts (and a little yummy....)

this is a new favorite.  (seems like i always have a new fav!  lol.)  it is a combo of documentary  & the sc may add on kit "knick knacks" & the main.
These are the little gift card holders i made for the kids' end of the year teachers gifts.  i used the report card from october afternoon (which i had been hoarding since i bought it last fall!)  i just love the way they turned out.  i put "summer fun" gifts inside - a borders gift card, a coldstone gift card & 2 tickets to the local movie theater.  i hope they like it!  my philosophy is that teachers probably get plenty of "teacher" themed stuff every year.  and, if they've been teaching long enough, they have a stock pile.  i'd rather give them something they will enjoy & use!  kwim?
and... hello, gorgeous.  my life was changed when troy gave me this for mother's day 2009.  i do love a good margarita.  so. since the kids are in bed & troy is gone. i am sippin on these babies & going to do a little scrappin & maybe catch up on "glee" since the evening is mine.  alllll mine.  bwahahahaha.  right after i put the towels in the wash from the pitcher of 'ritas that spilled all over the counter & kitchen floor due to me not screwing the bottom on the pitcher correctly.  oh, the wasted tequila & triple sec.


  1. Hee, enjoy! Love that page, Mandie! I just got Documentary and the June kit but don't have time to play with any of it yet--humph.

  2. The teacher's gift is perfect and I am sure they will love it! The only thing to make it better would be giving it with a big glass of margaritas. :o) You know I love your "Calm" layout, but I had to tell you again...I do. :o)

  3. Those are great gift card holders! Love your layout too!

  4. Awesome gift cards holders and teacher gifts! And I so wish we could get together for some 'ritas!

    (By the way, I just thought of this the other night. Remember when Court and I visited ya'll in San Antonio? I don't remember much about that weekend except that you refused to touch raw chicken and were cutting it up while holding it with that you made us the BEST buttery nipples. I have gone many a places and asked for one, but nobody can make 'em like you!! :))

  5. I do love your page - like I said at SC, the page is perfect for the subject of calmness with the open white space. And those bags things are the CUTEST EVAH! Really adore those! Just don't get on the message board after too many margaritas, lol, sometimes I get on the board after I've had ambien and then I worry what kind of weird crap I said the next day : )

  6. Dani, come see me in Cali & I will make you buttery nipples & ritas every nite. :)
    I remember drinking a bit when y'all were there & shopping @ the outlet. Don't remember the chicken, but I still don't touch it. I think I user frozen chicken breast then. I've moved to fresh. But, I pick it up with forks - more than one if I need to!


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