a little scrapbooking from the past week

so.... the past week or so has been so, so busy!  whew!  but, i got to scrap a little on friday & a little today.  so. i have some layouts to share.  woot!
this one is a bit personal.  but, it's true.  i've been thinking about this page for some time now.  when you regularly move from one place to another every few years, making friends can be hard!  i love people, but i'm not overly outgoing.  i mean, i can talk you up a blue streak... but, as far as groups go, i am petrified.  plus, it can be hard making friends when the local folks have all of their friends they have had all of their lives!  it can be hard to break in.

an old pic, but i think i might love this layout.  :)
i have to admit.  i am 100% addicted to these books.  i've only gotten thru book 5.  but, i have all but the last one checked out from the library (still #132 on the waiting list...)  but, i think eric has now replaced dexter as my bad boy literary crush.  oh, my heart is so fickle!  
my goober.


  1. I always love seeing your layouts! They give me such inspiration! I so miss your workshops and still have a few of the pages all ready and waiting for the "perfect" pictures...lol I can totally relate with the first layout, I find my friends here pulling away from me and feel like I don't belong here anymore either, only to move on and not belong there either! I so wish we were going to be a bit closer...at least we'll be on the same coast! lol Maybe we can meet in the middle sometime!

  2. I like your pages :) I wish we lived closer together! We will just have to make sure we keep going to the crops :)

  3. I just accidentally erased my whole comment and it was AMAZING! Argh.

    First of all, you think Eric has replaced Dexter. Can't happen. I know Eric is steamy and alluring, but truly no one can replace Dexter. Ever. LOL! I am so happy you love these books. I started re-reading them yesterday. I am going to send in a suggestion that they bring Dexter to Bon Temps. ;o)

    Now lets get serious. I love how you include everything into your scrapping and not just the happy. I love your layout, The Hardest Part. I learned something, too. I need to be more open to "newbies". I think we are similar. I am not overly outgoing and crowds are intimidating. i hope your next move brings you to an awesome, friendly location. Maybe Minnesota. :o)

  4. I love all of these, but the first literally took my breath away. I've also been feeling a bit lonely because a lot of the girls here have little kids, and since I don't I (a) have less to talk about with them, and (b) more time. I also feel like I have lots of "friendly friends" but less really connected friends, kwim?


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