Sunday, April 25, 2010

a little scrappy happy for today

hi, all!  hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!  i have been able to do a little scrapping and that make me a little giddy!  :)  so, i thought i would share!  also.  i was "interviewed" via email for a spotlight over at the sassafrass lass blog last week. that TOTALLY made my week.  (nay... probably the year!)  anyway, if you've got some time, check it out.  kathy over at sass totally made me laugh with her responses!
okay... without further ado... some fresh, just adhered down (well in the last 24 hours) layouts!
i think this one is a new favorite.  (reminds me of the color combo in my bed room!)  i made it with the april studio calico kit joyland

this is me at 10 with my little 110 camera.  oh, how i loved that thing!  i took so many (horrible) photos with it!  another april studio calico layout.

this one is of my middle & my friend crystal's boy, caden.  when those two get together with the wii, they are so funny.  they love to play those games.  watching them is pretty funny.  they will move in tandem with each other.  i used last october's studio calico kit yearbook. (i think i am up to layout number 20 with that kit!  whew!  it was a favorite!)

crystal (the same one caden above belongs to) encouraged me to make a scrapbook with our family favorite recipes.  it's something i've want to do for quite sometime.  since i had photos of 2 of our favorite foods from dinner the other night, i decided to start.  so, this souvlakia one was also made from joyland.  (primarily the tilt a whirl add on.)  i love the way it turned out!

and this one is our recipe for strawberry shortcake.  it is NOT good for you, but oh so delicious!  mmm!  i made this primarily with october afternoon's fly a kite line.

So.... thanks for looking!  i hope you all are having a BEA-UTIFUL sunday!  

Friday, April 23, 2010

i think i am still full

from the dinner we had last nite!  i finally made the chicken souvlakia last nite.  (you can find the recipe HERE)  it is super yummy and a pretty healthy, yet delicious recipe.  we had the chicken with flatbread pitas, a spinach salad, zucchini roasted with olive oil and all purpose greek seasoning & whole wheat orzo with evoo and feta cheese.  so, so yummy!

and, it would have been so healthy, if i hadn't made this:

homemade shortcake and whipped cream with strawberries.
1/4 cu sugar
2 cu all purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
1/2 cu butter
1 beaten egg
2/3 milk

Grease 8x1.5 round baking pan; set aside.  Mix flour, baking powder, and sugar.  Cut in butter until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.  Combine milk and egg; add to flour mixture.  Stir just to moisten.  Spread batter in prepared pan.
Bake in 450 degree oven for 15-18 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean.  Cool in pan for 10 minutes.  Serve with fresh berries and whipped cream.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a friendly reminder

TONITE is the madonna nite on glee.  yay!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


a kid with a camera can produce some images that will be embarrassing 21 years later... :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

way to break my heart. i mean, really!

so the other day, the hubs had to go to a wing commander's call.  generally he wears a flight suit to work (around our house they are also known as the green pajamas!)  but, the wing commander, apparently, doesn't love flight suits.  so, hubs - being the overachiever he is, decided to wear his bdu's.  after taking our oldest to school, our middle one says (in a small voice), "mama, is daddy coming home tonite?"  i replied, "yes, baby.  he just went to work.  he'll be home tonite.  why would you think he's not coming home?"  his reply?  "because.  he was wearing sole-ja clothes."  oh my gosh.  how sad!  oh, the things that go through a 5 year old's brain!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

How Pathetic is This Dog?

seriously.  how adorable is this dog?  he is such a pain in the rear end.  think marley, but smaller.  anyway.  it's so hard to dislike him - even though he gets into everything known to man. look at him. seriously. look at him.  isn't he cute?

Monday, April 12, 2010

cards for the support our students fundraiser

i've been working away on the cards for the support our students fundraiser for the kids' school.  i now have 27 cards in the etsy shop.  i am seriously in love with the october afternoon thrift shop line.  here is where you can find the cards to support our students.  and here are a few of the cards! 
happy monday, y'all! 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

a little sneak of what i am working on

i have been working on the cards for the etsy shop. (just finishing up #18!)  i know the lighting is awful in this pic, but i just wanted to share.  so excited about the way the stuff with the october afternoon thrift shop line is turning out.  it is so, so pretty!  loving it!  can't wait to share all of it.

coming up for a bit of air and greek chicken.

hi, all of my loyal readers. (well, the few of you. ;) lol. )  i've been busy toiling away at making cards to put in my etsy shop to benefit my kids' school.  (see the S.O.S. box at the top left of my blog for what's going on here in cali with the schools.)  i will link up my shop once i get it all full.  i just wanted to make sure i had decent amount of stuff in there before i started it.  i currently have 13 cards & a tag.  i'd like to make 7-12 more cards and a couple of pre-made layouts.  :)  so, aside from mundane things like cleaning the house and going to the park, that's what i've been up to this week.  i also decided to share a recipe that i've been asked for by many friends, but i am always too lazy to type up and send to folks.  so, now i can just direct them here.  ;)  so, without further ado...

this recipe came from a greek orthodox cookbook i have.  we usually serve it with sliced red onions, tzatziki sauce and joseph's pitas (they are THE best.  very soft & yummy flavor, yet very good for you at the same time!  unfortunately, we haven't been able to find them since moving to california.  however, we have found them in the deli at super walmarts in other parts of the country.)  I typically make a spinach salad with feta, red onion and greek dressing; zuchinnini, yellow squash, red onion, roasted in the oven with cavendar's all purpose greek seasoning; and, whole wheat orzo tossed with evoo and feta cheese.  such a yummy and healthy dinner!  :)  I am craving this now.  Will have to put this on our menu for next week - along with a viewing of "my big fat greek wedding."

3lbs. of 1.5 inch cubes of chicken, boneless leg of lamb or pork tenderloin
2 green peppers, cut in pieces
1 large onion, cut in sections

Marinade (I usually double this marinade recipe):
1/3 Cu Lemon Juice
3 Tbs Olive Oil
1 tsp Salt
1/4 tsp Pepper
1 tsp Oregano
2 cloves garlic, minced.

Marinate meat for several hours or overnight (in my experience, overnight is best!) in a sealed container; turn occasionally.  Skewer meat, pepper and onion.  Preheat grill to medium.  Place kebabs on grill; cook about 6 minutes on each side, turning once.  Baste with marinade during cooking.

Tzatziki Sauce (this is my version.  i am lazy; so, i didn't follow all of the steps in the cookbook version.  we like this better than the cookbook version, but i will include both!)
1 container plain Greek Yogurt
1 Cucumber, peeled and chopped finely
sprinkling of salt
Splash of Lemon Juice
teaspoon or so minced garlic
sprinkle of onion powder (enough to cover the top of the yogurt in the bowl)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl and refrigerate.  (best if refrigerated overnight.)

Cookbook Recipe Tzatziki Sauce:
1 Large Cucumber, seeded and cubed
1 tsp salt
3/4 Cu Plain Yogurt
1/2 Cu Sour Cream
1 Clove Garlic, crushed
1 Tsp Grated Onion
1/2 Tsp Lemon Juice
1/8 Tsp. Tabasco Sauce
Salt and Pepper to taste

Sprinkle salt over cucumber; let stand 10 minutes.  Rinse cucumber; pat dry with paper towels.  In food processor, puree cucumber; place in a strainer and let stand for 5 minutes.

In a small bowl, mix yogurt and sour cream.  Stir in garlic, onion, cucumber, lemon juice, Tabasco, salt and pepper.  Cover and refrigerate until chilled.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Monday, April 5, 2010

love me some mraz!

thanks to my friend hallie for sharing this. so cute!

wish me luck!

i just signed up for this.  here's to hoping i can get a spot!  eta: i am signing up for a spot in the HALF marathon.  not the full.  

Friday, April 2, 2010

a little scrappy happy

   we are drawing near to the end of our two week spring break.  (hallelujah!)  this was clearly not designed by the parents, but by the teachers.  we spent a lot of time at various local parks last week, but this week has been a touch on the cold side.  today, it is raining, windy & cold.  bleh.   this week has been a toy story/ toy story 2 marathon week.  (we got new copies last week because our others were straight up worn out!)  if it weren't for the fact that i already have these movies memorized, i would have them memorized after this week!  today, we went to see "how to train your dragon."  it was a hit.  collin was a little scared and wound up sitting in my lap.  i have managed to squeeze in some scrapping in between playing referee between my tattle tale, bossy & argumentative 10 year old and my 5 year old, as well as breaking up physical fights between the 3 year old and the 5 year old.  (i am about to go off my rocker...)  here is a little of what i've done... 
  this is a new personal favorite.  i made it using mostly things from the sassafras lass sweet marmalade collection.  sass is seriously at the top of my list of all time favorite brands.  (there are 5 on that list & sass is at the top!  :) )  this layout is of my dearest friend, taryn.  we met when our husbands were in the same squadron in alaska (about 5 & half years ago!)  i miss her like crazy.  she (and her family) are like family to me & mine. :)  i really liked the way this one turned out with all the k&co squares and the bits of sass all over.  i can't take credit for the pic of taryn.  i pulled it from her blog.  it was taken by her friend ericka johnson (gotta give credit where credit is due!)
this was another one i really liked.  also using mostly sass.  i used cherry delicious and apple jack.  you can't see it well in this photo, but i folded the cherry delicious paper accordion style. (the cute little flower one).  and much to my surprise, this one also made an appearance on the sassafras blog.  (blow me over!)

this cute little card using the sass nerdy birdy collection came together quickly.  
i made this card using some leftover bits & pieces from the december 2008 studio calico kit (center stage) 

this was a quick lo i made to use up some of my studio calico cotillion kit.  it is of my dear friend amanda and me.  she was my constant companion when we were in little rock.  if we didn't see each other daily, we talked on the phone daily.  our families were like family.  we spent holidays together.  birthdays together.  when her husband was deployed, she and kids had a lot of meals at our house.  i just miss them like crazy too.  i guess a major downside to the military is making so many friends who end up all over the country!  

made this super quick little tag of a buddy of ours' birthday last weekend.  
more sass love.  this one uses apple jack.  it's about how my son says "oh snap!" and how that makes me crazy!  i do love the goofy looking face he's making in this one!

this one was for the sunday sketch at studio calico a couple of sundays ago.  i made it using the march kit (quilting bee).  it's my daughter and her two best friends here.