winner! winner! chicken dinner!

i was going to draw tomorrow, but will be at a  crop all day.  so, i'm drawing tonite & doing an extra draw - 3 copies.  :)  okay.  so without further ado... the winners are:

Gail L said...

Woo hoo! That is sooo exciting! Congrats!

Mel said...

Eeeks! I'd love to have a chance to have my very own mandielouwho history. :) 

enbrightened said...

oooooh, i'd love one! you're so talented, mandie :-)
so.... GailL, mel & enbrightened, email me @ mandiepierce@comcast(dot)net with your mailing address & i will have these out to you asap!  

thanks, everybody, for playing!  i wish i had 55 copies; so i could send one to everybody!  but, i have another little something to giveaway soon!  :)   


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