it's the most wonderful time of the year!

ha!  i have to say.  i am ridiculously excited about school starting this fall.  partly, because all 3 kids will be in school this year &  i haven't had time to myself in YEARS!  years!  and mostly, because my oldest is constantly picking on the younger two.  sigh... being 12 & a girl, everything (and i mean every.thing.) they do annoys her.  it makes for very long days at home!  or grocery shopping.  or riding in the car.  the boys, who are best friends,  are even starting to bicker.
  anyway.  my favorite back to school commercial is the mastercard one with the little boys.  it totally makes me think of noah.  i can just imagine him and his little buddies doing the same!  i am sure everyone has seen it, but it totally makes me giggle.  so... i am going to share!  :)


  1. so true, so true, so glad you'll have time for yourself!!!

  2. congrats on making the Pebbles DT! It will be great working with you!

  3. Seriously, that commercial is always good for a laugh. So cute. Congrats on having all three in school now. Woohoo! Time to yourself!


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