project life, weeks 6-9

hi, guys!  i've updated the scrap again blog with my project life; so, again, thought i would share here, as well.  hope everyone is enjoying doing project life.  :)
see this?  this up here ^^^^  that is why my project life pages are flat!  that's only weeks 1-8 of 2012.  holy moses!  
{just had to share that...}

week 6:

week 7: 

week 8:

week 9:


  1. It's looking so awesome!!! :) Yay for begin caught up...I'm off to work on mine now! ;)

  2. Fantastic pages. Looks great with the rounded corners

  3. What a terrific project this is!!

  4. Wonderful pages!!! I just started my first Project Life pages :) I'm super excited about it - you've inspired me! Heres a look at mine :)

  5. THis is soooooo nice. I love that you have lots and lots of journaling. The few pages I made were journaling heavy too. I LOVE how you used the Liz K. jar and filled it with words in a slot! SO cute. Very inspiring, Mandie!

  6. Oh and I just had to smile when I saw the boys doing their super hero poses!


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