an announcement

hi, there!  time for my bi-weekly (tri-weekly???) blog post.  ha!   i have a little announcement to make.  i will be on the ormolu creative team this summer.  i am so very excited!  i can not wait.  the ormolu products are ADORABLE!  love, love, love!
Hop over & check out the new stuff!
(edit: thanks, danielle, for the head's up.  it's fixed.  also - here is a pic of some of the fun stuff from the new line Bungalow. so so so cute!)


  1. yay!!! isn't kaitlin the sweetest?! :) congratulations!

  2. First off CONGRATULATIONS!!! Second, you need to change your link.. It's taking us to which is an antique/fine art dealer. :)


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