mix & match

i think i could officially be dubbed world's WORST blogger.  seriously.  here is my pebbles layout from a couple of weeks ago.   i mixed a lot of sunny side with a little of the halloween line (thickers, black stickers & black dot paper) and a tiny little peek of seen & noted with the arrow sticker.  (this is seriously, my new most favorite line.  can't wait to share my project with you next week!)
hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  (yay! for october & yay! for some cool weather 'round these parts.  finally!)


  1. What a great photo to illustrate your title!

  2. This is Awesome! And I think we could tie for that worst blogger title :)

  3. Love how you mixed the lines. Some times I see a line for a holiday and just think it has to be used in that context. It's nice to be reminded that it can be used out of the box. So you know when I whine that I can't layer? I can't. But you sure can and this is what I want to achieve.


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