seen & noted

to say that i adore pebbles' new seen & noted line might be an understatement.  i seriously LOVE this line.  they had me a grey, teal and yellow, but the patterns and fun bits add even more fun!  i used one of the journaling pad "date" cards for my title.  (seriously, y'all, these little pads of cards are adorable.  i've flipped thru them several times just to look at them!)  troy & i go on a weekly mini dinner date.  i thought the "date" card would be fun to incorporate into the title.  and the "you & me" was just too perfect for this.  (our margaritas coordinated nicely with the paper, no?  ha!)  i used a dear lizzy button to add just a little fun.  i can not wait to get this line into my project life book.  (hello...  6-7 weeks behind.  school & kids' activities are kicking my behind.  anyone else with me here?  eek!)  ANYWAY.  i know you guys will love this line.  it is fantastic.  be sure to pop on over to the pebbles blog all week long to check out all of the ideas using seen  & noted.  :)


  1. I like naps, you and this layout. That Nap wording bit cracked me up. Awesome layout, Mandie. Love the new Pebbles line. I agree about the colors. Scrumptious!

  2. This is awesome! Love it! love that Pebbles line!


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