Thursday, March 29, 2012

Purging, Cleaning Out.... Whatever you want to call it....

In the life of a military family, you become familiar with moving - or as we call it, PCS'ing.  (Permanent Change of Station.  Though *why* it is called that I've never figured out because it is anything but permanent.  But... I digress.)  As part of the moving process about 6 months before we move, most of us begin to go through our things and access whether it is something worthy of accompanying us along on another PCS.  Normally, we would be gearing up to move again.  BUT... we were extended another year here.  So, instead of 3 years, it will be 4.  However, my brain is still in PURGE, PURGE, PURGE mode.  I've already been through my closet & my kids' closets.

This week, I moved on to my scrap room.  I decided to be brutal.  Honest with myself about what I will use & what I won't.  I went through my things a few months ago and got rid of a ton.  Several months later, I still haven't touched most of what I kept.  I'm probably not going to touch it.  I decided to keep only my kits, design team product and some of the newer collections I purchased.  (And obviously my tools & such.  LOL)  The rest of it can go.  I am starting with my Studio Calico stamps.  *gasp!*  I know.  I know.  I adore them too.  But I just don't use them.  Or, I've used them on layouts a few times... What are the chances I will use them again?  Very slim given that some of them have been in my possession for almost 4 years now & haven't been used.  I've decided to sell them.  Maybe they will go to a home where they will be used rather than just looked at.  I am listing them on eBay.  I currently have 50 listed, with plans to list another 30 or so this weekend.

A couple of bits about my auctions:
*International bidders are welcome! I don't have a postal scale; so my weights have been guesstimated.  With that being said - I will adjust your shipping & refund whatever you may have paid above what it cost.  I hate paying more for shipping that the actual cost.  I won't do that to you either.
*I ABSOLUTELY will combine shipping.  US girls, I am certain I can fit a good number of stamps into a flat rate Priority Mail envelope and a TON into a flate rate box.
*I will wait to send out invoices for combined orders until all auctions have closed.  That way, we can make sure to get as much shipping bundled together as possible.

Okay... if you are interested in any of my stamps, you can find them HEEEEERE.
And, in a couple of weeks, when I am done with the stamps, I will post some boxes of paper & embellishment goodies.

Have a good weekend.  I hope yours isn't as crazy as our is!  hee hee

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

an answer & a pebbles country picnic layout

hi, all!  today i am going to answer a couple of questions i received in a comment & share a pebbles layout from last week!  janicke, i am sorry it took so long to answer.  we were out of town for my sister's wedding.  :)  (And, i hope you are reading!  ha!)
she asked:

Hello, a few ?'s...For the chevron layout, you cut the same pattern on several pieces of pattern paper and then just adhered lose pieces to one pattern? Is that cut available to purchase? I love it!
2nd, how do you get type on a layout like you did in the still makes me laugh layout? Do you plan exactly where things will be placed and then run the cardstock through your printer? I love your work!

1- Yes!  that is exactly what I did.  I cut one out of cardstock and then adhered the pieces to a base sheet of cardstock.
2-  Yes, it is a cut I purchased from Silhouette.  It is called Chevron Stripes , and you can find it HERE
3- I WISH I had a wide format printer!  I actually used my typewriter to make that layout.  I determined whereabouts i would like the journaling to be & just put it in.  :) 
(And thank you!  you make me blush!) 

now.  for my pebbles country picnic layout.  it was country picnic week on the blog last week.  this line is so adorable.  i used it with some photos i took of my friend last year.  I paired it with grey cardstock to make the colors pop & really shine.  if you want more details, such as product used, etc.  pop on over to the pebbles blog to peep it out!  

Monday, March 12, 2012

one for one

i made this layout for scrap again for the month of march.  our kit was some dear lizzy product.  (hello, love!)  this simple little layout is about my current toms obsession.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How To Tuesday

honestly, tutorials are one of my LEAST favorite things.  i'm not really a technique kind of girl.  but.  i think i've devised a way to make rosettes (is that what you call them???) that won't pop open and are much easier to put together.  (at least for this uncoordinated girl!)  The tutorial can be found on the Pebbles Blog today.  here is the layout i made!

Monday, March 5, 2012

project life, weeks 6-9

hi, guys!  i've updated the scrap again blog with my project life; so, again, thought i would share here, as well.  hope everyone is enjoying doing project life.  :)
see this?  this up here ^^^^  that is why my project life pages are flat!  that's only weeks 1-8 of 2012.  holy moses!  
{just had to share that...}

week 6:

week 7: 

week 8:

week 9:

Sunday, March 4, 2012

October afternoon wrap up

hi, there!
  today i am sharing my last layout from october afternoon, as well as a couple of others i did but didn't have time to photograph before my post was due.
i used my silhouette to cut the chevron pattern and then cut the chevron pattern from several pattern papers & filled them in.  i love the way this layout turned out!
i loved the woodgrain paper cut out so much that i couldn't part with it.  so, i lifted myself and made another layout with it.  this is my aunt pat, aunt pam, uncle jack & their cousin alvena.  i loved the result with the papers from farmhouse as well! 

this is a SUPER, SUPER simple layout.  i just wanted to get this story out.  i can't believe i never scrapped these pictures.  my poor kid.  he'll never live that one down! 
and a card using farmhouse.  the colors in this line are so pretty!