do you share our affinity for elf culture?

i'm not sure how we never heard of the elf on the shelf. i'm really not. what a clever concept! i mentioned it to several friends who all said, "oh yeah! we did that when i was a kid!" well... apparently, i am behind the game. but no more! we now have a scout elf residing in our home. the kids looooved the book! i decided to hide our elf somewhere somewhat obvious since it was the first morning for the kids to find him. so, he sat at the top of our tree. they were soooo excited to find him this morning. they decided to name him buddy (after "elf.") i, personally, wanted bernard after the head elf on "the santa clause," but whatever. buddy it is. it'll be interesting to see where that buddy turns up next! sneaky little elf!


  1. Our elf's name was Scout and my hubby and I would find weird places to put him because the boys loved finding him!!


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