pottery barn chic.... on the cheap

who doesn't love the look of pottery barn? seriously. i know i do! but, with a captain's income and three kids, pottery barn is just too much! in the same boat as i am? just a frugalista? i have good news! you can get a lot of the same look for a whole lot less! (my photos are the ones with the black vingette on them.)

this is our mantle this year (the open spot is for that, yet to be made printers tray...)
these are the stockings from pottery barn. they are $19 a piece. i got mine from target a couple of years ago for about $10 a piece. they look pretty darn close, right?
the apothocary jars from pottery barn are from $39 - $69. i bought mine at micheal's for $19.99 and and $14.99 (and then used 40% off coupons... even cheaper!) the pinecone and berry fillings??? $4.99 a package at michael's. (they were half off when i bought them.) at pottery barn, it is $8-$14 a bag. huge difference! michael's also has bags of mini bells, if you want that look too.

i didn't do any candles like the one above, but i am thinking i should! this would be so cheap and easy to do!
i got all these little lovely candles at target. the owl was $3.99 and the wood candles were $9.99-$16.99 each. their pottery barn brethren? the animal candles come in a set of 4 for $14 (not bad, but you have to buy all 4.) and the wood candles? for the same sizes, they are from $16-$29.

this cute little guy is actually an ornament. bought him at target for less than $3. they had a large selection of pinecone critter ornaments at target. they also have a whole box of owl pinecone ornaments for $10. (michael's also had a large selection of ornaments in this style.) at pottery barn, a set of 4 is $26.

i know my wreath is not exactly the same as the one from pb. but, the one at pb... $99. the one i bought at costco? $15. i think i'll save the $74 and call it close enough!

okay... these items below are not pb copies, but i wanted to share anyway!
my little owl came yesterday. his name is humboldt, by the way. isn't he adorable?

the photo frame, pinecone, candle and tree are from target and the garland is from mike's.
this is our centerpiece on our kitchen table. the hurricane came from target ($19.99) the garland is michael's ($6.99 - on sale half off for $3.50) and the cute little birdie is from target - $.99 (if you look closely, you'll see several of those on the mantle too!)


  1. Oh, I LOVE the owl. So, so cute! Makes me want an owl myself, but I already spent my fun budget for December on SC!


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