2011 Goals

i'm not usually one for resolutions.  i mean.  who really keeps them anyway?  but, last year, i decided to set some goals for myself.  (maybe it's a mental thing... goals seems more decisive than a resolution, maybe?  i dunno.)  the other day, i was thinking about 2010 & realized i had accomplished the few i had set (minus the weight loss.  my body must enjoy being 30-40 lbs overweight. or old eating habits, i.e. skipping meals too much & making my metabolism really slow, are hard to break.)  i wanted to get published more.   i had 24 layouts & 1 printer's tray selected for publication last year; so, i'd say that was successful.  i wanted to make a design team.  i made 2!  Elle's Studio and  Scrap Again (local crop here.  if you live in the area, TOTALLY worth going to!  very well organized.  i love the ladies who run it!)  another goal i set was to read more.  a favorite past time of mine that had fallen through the cracks in recent years.  i think my total books ended up being 42.  not too shabby!  the other goal i set was to run a half marathon.  i ended up walk/ running because i didn't get a spot until 5 weeks out and had not run in months.  it was the nike women's. it was A. MAZ. ING.  i am going to try again this year.   local peeps (or not local, if you want!) i am wanting to try to sign up as a team this year.  if you are interested, email me & i'll add you to my list. 

so... this year, i decided to set goals again.  
*lose the weight.  seriously.  it's time.  
*drink more water.
*scrap more
*spend less.  use more of what i have.
*do another half marathon, but more running, less walking.  i, obviously, want to try for the nike women's again, but i think i am going to do the avenue of the giants.  how surreal!  just have to find out hubby's schedule.  
*read more
*keep a cleaning schedule.  (lame.  i know.  but since i am the only one in my house who cares, it's hard to stay on top of.  i really want to be better about it this year!)  

what are your goals this year?  


  1. were you and I separated at birth??? My goals include 1.losing weight (for-reals this time!)2. maintaining a cleaning schedule (cuz yes I too am the only one who care in this house) 3 decorating more, maybe even make more decorations. 4 SCRAP WAY MORE!!! 5. finishing projects or replacing the broken crap...with 3 boys this is almost a daily occurance! 6. make less excuses too many times I say "I can't do that or I don't know how"...so this year I will learn more I mean what is google for anyway! 7 oh and save my money to buy a camera...this may be a big challenge as I am horrible at saving money! :) As you can see I am a work in progress ;)

  2. move more, eat less. biggest goal.

  3. Wow! You've done a lot of publishing! Way to go! I like your goals too. Happy New Year.

  4. You've been busy, my friend! I need to get on that cleaning plan though--I just wish someone else could do the actual cleaning part and I'll just do the planning!

  5. You had a great year Mandie. I was so happy to find your blog! You inspire me!


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