i finished rearranging/ organizing!  my scrap space is our formal dining room.  it's a good size; but, unfortunately, you can see it when you come in the front door.  boo.  i guess i should show you what it looked like before, huh?

eta: that light is hideous, i know.  i would change it if i could.

i have printed photos in those ikea boxes.  (2 are actually, empty.  thought it might be good to have room to grow.)  the pink boxes have adhesive and my favorite punches.
i am so glad i picked up this little shelf instert for the expedit.  isn't it perfect for displaying pretty punches?

4x4 expedit shelf.

all those pretty boxes are studio calico kits.  better get to work using some of them up before i run out of room!  ha!

some of my favorite things: 
these boxes & magazine holders from ikea. 
this.  (deer on plaid fabric???) 
the curtains i made from the ikea fabric 
these cute little stamps.  i have a collection of owl ones too.  :)  
my little wire basket i got forever ago on clearance at target.  it houses my jenni bowlin & distress ink pads + an assortment of stick pins & ribbons.  and of course,  baby nanner.  ha!  (sorry - inside joke there.  hee hee!)


  1. I LOVE the room Mandie!!! P.S. don't ever invite me over or else your "little wire basket" may go missing!!!! I am totally on the hunt for that exact piece! I am super jealous you could fit so many expedit shelves!!! Congrats on being done!

  2. Looks great! Love the curtains! :)

  3. This looks fabulous! I like the table in the middle of the room. Wish I could come scrap with you!

  4. Looks GREAT! I bet you are feeling totally creative now!

  5. Oh, Mandie, it's PERFECT!!!


  6. NICE Mandie! I wish my "after" looked as good as your "before". ;)

  7. Looks amazing, I wish I had that much space. So neat and organised, love that wire basket. And I can't believe you're desk is completely clear, mine never is!!!

  8. love it! now can you come do mine????!!! :-)

  9. beautiful !! great place to work in

  10. looks great. i really need to finish mine up! love my expedite shelves too!

  11. Awesome! You know I really love your scrap area. SO much that I want to move in with you and your family. LOL

    By the way...I adore the frame background of your blog.

  12. Mandie - I LOVE your room. It looks like such a wonderful place to be creative!

  13. Mandie, this room looks so good! I love how you used little touches to keep it pretty while still functional. (like the wire basket and setting out your pretty punches and stamps).
    Thank you for sharing it!

  14. Especially like the curtains! I love your blog wall paper!

  15. Wow! I love that you pulled your table away from the wall. I would love to do this someday! And I feel your pain about seeing your room from the front door. I use our formal living room (which is king of a hiccup of a room) and its right inside our front door, too. But we won't live here forever so I have hope.

  16. This looks great, Mandie! Why have I never seen it?! GAH! LOL.

    And LOVE those curtains! :-)


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