there's something about the new year that always makes me want to reorganize, add some pizazz and freshen up the decor.  i am sure i am not the only one... based on the crowd at ikea today.  speaking of ikea, i think i am officially an ikea junkie now.  there's so much to see.  i go.  i get a couple of things & then start thinking about how i could have used this or that.  sigh... so, i've been really working on organizing the scraproom.  i can't wait to have it all finished; so, i can share!  it's totally eclectic, but that works for me.  :)  i've gotten this:
i know... a scrapper standard.  but, it's is fabulous!  seriously.  love. love.

love these boxes.  they were so cheap & super cute & functional.  love them.  got some magazine holders too.
i adore this fabric.  it's so, sigh... i just love it.

how could you not want this frame?  i mean, really.  


  1. Those shelves are my dream organizer... although I'm sure they wouldn't hold everything! lol I just have images in my head of those shelves full of yarn and fabric and o so pretty! And I LOVE that fabric. I saw it in the store and have been trying to figure out what to use it for ever since!! :)

  2. Yeah for re-organizing! I had to move out of my 400 sq.ft. studio and into a bedroom this past November...and I finally got around to reorganizing a couple of weeks ago...Ikea is on my to-do list! (I lost sooooo much counter space in the move!) I can't wait to see your space...I hope to post my pics in another week or two...

  3. I love my expedit--I know you'll love yours!


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