Monday, January 31, 2011

Elle's Studio January Layouts

i'm a little behind in posting these.  (sorry - air force high flight conference was keeping us busy!)   i also wanted to let you all know about the meet the design team week over at elle's studio!  i know i am looking forward to seeing everyone's bios & info (& scraprooms!)  so, check out the elle's studio blog each day for a new designer!
without further ado, the projects i made for january.  :)

my first ever mini album.

i love these little calendar cards!  so, so cute! 

this song by rascal flatts was on while i was scrapping.  it just stuck in my head.  :) 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Elle's Sneaks

the january gallery goes live tomorrow & i have a couple of peeks from my projects this month for you.  so excited!  my first month!  can't wait to see what everyone else did too!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


i finished rearranging/ organizing!  my scrap space is our formal dining room.  it's a good size; but, unfortunately, you can see it when you come in the front door.  boo.  i guess i should show you what it looked like before, huh?

eta: that light is hideous, i know.  i would change it if i could.

i have printed photos in those ikea boxes.  (2 are actually, empty.  thought it might be good to have room to grow.)  the pink boxes have adhesive and my favorite punches.
i am so glad i picked up this little shelf instert for the expedit.  isn't it perfect for displaying pretty punches?

4x4 expedit shelf.

all those pretty boxes are studio calico kits.  better get to work using some of them up before i run out of room!  ha!

some of my favorite things: 
these boxes & magazine holders from ikea. 
this.  (deer on plaid fabric???) 
the curtains i made from the ikea fabric 
these cute little stamps.  i have a collection of owl ones too.  :)  
my little wire basket i got forever ago on clearance at target.  it houses my jenni bowlin & distress ink pads + an assortment of stick pins & ribbons.  and of course,  baby nanner.  ha!  (sorry - inside joke there.  hee hee!)

Monday, January 17, 2011


there's something about the new year that always makes me want to reorganize, add some pizazz and freshen up the decor.  i am sure i am not the only one... based on the crowd at ikea today.  speaking of ikea, i think i am officially an ikea junkie now.  there's so much to see.  i go.  i get a couple of things & then start thinking about how i could have used this or that.  sigh... so, i've been really working on organizing the scraproom.  i can't wait to have it all finished; so, i can share!  it's totally eclectic, but that works for me.  :)  i've gotten this:
i know... a scrapper standard.  but, it's is fabulous!  seriously.  love. love.

love these boxes.  they were so cheap & super cute & functional.  love them.  got some magazine holders too.
i adore this fabric.  it's so, sigh... i just love it.

how could you not want this frame?  i mean, really.  

Thursday, January 6, 2011

landscape photography

i've always considered myself a more of a people photographer.  but, over the past year and a half, we've been to some amazing places & i got some great photos.  during our move out here, we went to mesa verde, lake powell & the grand canyon (though not in that order...)  when we got here & i was able to look at all of my photos, i decided i wanted to do a little wall gallery of pics from the places we'd gone.  since we've been here, we hit up the redwoods, oregon coast & yosemite (& some other amazing places - san francisco, muir beach, napa valley)  i wanted to include some of the new photos.  a friend & i were discussing them on facebook yesterday; so, i took some pics of the "galleries" i made on our walls.  i decided to share here because it was easier to group them together.  so, please indulge me. :)
see that little "gallery" over by the dining table?  that's my original set of photos.  (please ignore the hideous fan and monstrosity of a fireplace mantle.  we are renting. those are NOT my choice.  lol.) 
(as i am looking at these pics, i see a- took the photo kinda crooked.  oops.  and the bottom middle pic is off....  need to fix that.  annoying.)  this set includes the following pics:
grand canyon 
mesa verde 
above and below are both from lake powell  (i think the one below is actually a different angle on the same pic that i framed.)

the grand canyon again
(above and the tree below) 
there are a couple others, but looking through the hundreds i took, i couldn't tell which ones.  (well. i could.  let's just be honest, i was too lazy to scroll through them....)
the "new set:" is on that empty wall behind the loveseat.  (this pic is older.  if i had taken a full pic of my living room today, you would have seen legos, a star wars comforter & wii controllers all over...)  anyway.  the little gallery, of sorts, that i hung yesterday is this:
it includes these pics:
this is the one in the big frame.  i printed it in 8x12 and had them mat & frame it for me.  it was taken at jedediah smith state park in the redwoods national forest (so was the one below)

this one was taken on the oregon coast

and this last one is one i took at yosemite, i printed it out,  but it didn't fit.  i want to use it somewhere...  just need to figure out how to fit it.... suggestions anyone???